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Welcome to my first blog post


Hello, Welcome to my first blog post. I’m Rohith, a 21 years old computer science engineering graduate from India. I’m a passionate guy about Personal finance, Entrepreneurship, and Investing.

You may ask, Why am I interested in personal finance and investing?

It all started two years ago when I was watching an interview about jeff Bezos, and he said, “before starting amazon, I was working in a hedge fund company.”. After I finished watching that interview, youtube recommend a video about the warren buffet. I watched that video fully then realized both of these guys have a finance background, and they are billionaires. That’s how it started. It tempted me to learn about things like the stock market, investing, and personal finance. I know it’s not a great story, but great things happen from small beginnings.

I started to learn about Personal finance and Investing by reading lots of books like One Up on Wall Street, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Psychology of Money, and watching hundreds of youtube videos related to Investing, business, and wealth accumulation.

In two years, I learned a lot, but it was not so easy in the beginning. It was difficult and boring, and it took me a lot of time to understand the concepts. I learned it anyway. Now I’ve created this blog website to help people like me to get past the initial stage with a simple understanding of personal finance and investing.

What can you expect from Ace Your Finance?

In the upcoming blog posts, I will explain everything about what I learned in a simple way to help you understand the ins and outs of investing, business, and personal finance. By applying my knowledge to your lifestyle, you can save and invest your money to become financially independent and live the rest of your life peacefully.

There are only two things to become successful that is hard work and consistency. Keep pushing yourself to learn new things and never give up. That’s the secret to success. 

Finally, Welcome to my first blog post

As I’m trying blogging for the first time, there may be some grammatical errors or other errors. Please bear with me and feel free to post your suggestions and thoughts in the comment section. We can improve only by trial and error and increase our knowledge by engaging with each other. 

My goal with this blog website is to share my knowledge with you and make you reach your financial goals. This blog website in 3 to 6 months will be a great place for newbies to learn about personal finance and business.

I will be posting regular content about Investing, Entrepreneurship, and personal finance every week. Be sure to subscribe to my blog. It’s free, and you’ll get tons and tons of knowledge in return.

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